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Join Operation Critical Hit

Warlord has announced that this summer (UK) they will be running a five-week worldwide campaign, Operation Critical Hit, for Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Victory at Sea. Gaming stores and clubs from all around the world can take part, meaning that your everyday gaming impacts the overall results!

To get involved see if your local store will be taking part in Operation Critical Hit. You will need to choose whether you’ll be fighting for the Axis or Allies, and sign up! If you don’t have a gaming store or club nearby, you can also register results online yourself, so all those games with your mates will count too.

Operation Critical Hit is a global campaign where the results of your games of Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Victory at Sea influence the ebb and flow of battle in four theatres of operations – North-West Europe, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe. Each week you’ll battle for control of different areas of each hex-based map, with recorded results will help build up the overall picture. The Operation Critical Hit website will track all result, and show you the situation, so you can decide where best to commit your forces.

The main prize will be the satisfaction of a job well done Warlord will be offering an exclusive figure a Redcap, Royal Military Police miniature. New on how you can get this mini will be coming soon.

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