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KNIL KS Kick-Off

Go and back May40 Miniatures KNIL Kickstarter right now! This kickstarter has been a long time coming, but much anticipated by many of us keen to play this truly unique force. The KNIL were the colonial Dutch military force in Indonesia and have many of the best unit options in the Dutch army list - but until now there has been no figures for them. May40 is an experience company that has already delivered on several excellent KS, producing lovely figures and vehicles. May40 also usually has a bunch of amazing stretch goals up their sleeve so I am very keen to see this KS do well. Full disclosure - I am a backer, but have no other relationship with May40 Miniatures, expect I love their work and desperately want a KNIL army. You can expect to see more posts on this subject!

Btw, there is also an unofficial KNIL list on the UNOFFICIAL ARMY LIST page of this website, where you can get more information on the KNIL.

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