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Korean Haul

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Sometimes it can be easy to forgot that Bolt Action extends to the Korean War, but BA Korea is an excellent set of rules for a very interesting conflict. Which is why it is great to see a huge release of stls from Wargame3D for this conflict (although many can be used for WW2 as well). Shortly after wrapping a kickstarter for Korean War stl, they are now available for purchase. The files include:

  • A22F Churchill Crocodile

  • Centurion Mk3

  • M2 Chaffee

  • M41 Walker Bulldog

  • M4A2 Sherman

  • M7 Priest

  • M18 Super Hellcat

  • M18 Hellcat

  • M19A1 Twin 40mm

  • M29 Weasel

  • M39 Utility Vehicle

  • M41 155mm SPG

  • M26 Pershing

  • M37 105mm HMC

  • M40 155mm SPG

These files include:

  • Pre-supported options

  • Holes for magnets in turrets

  • Pre-hollowed option

  • Open hatches option

  • Option to print tracks separately or attached to hull

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