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Late News from Warlord Open Day

Warlord recently posted several video of Q&A sessions from the Warlord day, which included some Bolt Action tidbits I have not yest seen elsewhere. The headline was no surprise, both John Stallard and Alessio confirmed we won't see a V3 in the next 12months (although John did seem to suggest at one point it was in the the 3 year plan?). Paul Sawyer revealed there is more Hungarians coming including Gendarmerie, Engineers and border guards (I assume these will all be the normal 10man platoon packs). He also said that there was both Russia and German Cossack figures, and Italian cavalry coming. Less specifically he said we would be seeing further DAK and 8th Army releases to go with the Italian desert releases. You can find Paul's comments at around the 44m mark in the video linked below.

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