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Lesser Char

The Char D2 is one of France's lessor know tanks, but it played an important, albeit limited role, in WW2. The Char D2 prototype emerged in 1933 as a medium, lighter, and more advance alternative to the Char B1. Production delays meant the first 50 tanks were not delivered until 1936-1937. Production of a second upgunned batch with a long 47mm gun commenced in 1938, but production delays meant that only small numbers were delivered by the outbreak of war, however the older versions were also upgrade with the new upgunned turret. In service the tanks were considered mechanically unreliable and by the time of the invasion of France many were already unserviceable. The main claim to fame of the D2 is that most of the remaining serviceable tanks were part of the 19th BCC which was committed together with the 345e CACC (4th DCR) under de Gaulle, into the hastily organized counter-attack at Montcornet on the 15th of May and fought at Amiens on the 24th of May. If you want to recreate De Gaulle doomed charge Courtlane model is here to help with a stl of the D2. As usual Courtlane includes a range of options for early (D1) and late (D2) models of this tank, plus stowage options.

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