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Making the Trains Run on Time

Armoured trains are having a moment with the inclusion of armoured train rules in the latest Campaign Book: Case Blue. Case BLue includes rules for the Soviet OB-3 train. The OB-3 has four entries – the engine, an anti-aircraft car, a turreted gun car, and a flat car. Armour upgrade options are available for several of the cars. Armoured Train not only look cool, but thanks to Case Blue are also incredibly OP/Broken. The good news is that whether you want to train from warm and fuzzy hisotrical scenarios are WAAC head-kicking, Deweycat has a model for you.

To represent the Soviet OB-3 training on the Bolt Action table, Deweycat has produced a model that includes:

  • Engine with quad MMG option (which includes .stls specifically for FDM, for resin, and resin with a rudimentary figure (for resin).

  • An armoured gun car, with a turret and the four-side mounted MMGs.

  • An armoured anti-aircraft car, with the AA auto cannon – with both a basic .stl for FDM and a more finely detailed gun for resin printing, complete with and seated gunner figures.

  • A flat car

The cars are single axle, as were the cars on the OB-3 system, reflecting the simplified design. The train and cars are designed to fit onto the Deweycat train track system, which is available separately.

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