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Marco's Many Tanks

There have been several new tanks stl releases from marco.mussini73: the Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40, the Panzerkampfwagen II – Ausf. C, and the Panzerkampfwagen II – Ausf. F. The Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 is an upscaled version of marco's previously released 15mm file. This larger scale file should allow for easier scaling to 28mm for BA use, The M13/40 was the primary Italian medium tank and was used in large numbers in the African campaign, so many Italian players need one of these tanks. Additionally marco has release 15mm scales files for the German Panzer II Ausf C and Ausf F. Though the files are scaled for 15mm the files are highly detail with separate pieces, and should also scale up to 28mm.

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