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Meat Chopper Madness

Deweycat is on a tear with new releases at the moment. His latest stl release is the US M45 gun mount which is the basis for the M51 gun Carriage and the Quad .50-gun truck, both of which were added as US army options in the September 2022 Bolt Action FAQ/Errata.

This .stl pack provides the gun turret with are three trailer options – trailer as towed but with supports lowered, trailer lowered with wheels splayed, and trailer with wheels removed. As well, the pack includes a turret base which allows it to be mounted in a deuce and a half to make an gun truck. To help with this Deweycat has added a truck bed with the same turret mount to his deuce and a half CCKW at

Deweycat has also provided a gunner figure, and a second headless one, to allow you to mount a head from a plastic sprue instead (the M45 was a small weapon system, so the gunner figure is smaller than an average Heroic scale mini).

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