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More Bob Madness

Mad Bob Miniatures is one of my favourite BA vehicle makers - so it is great to see a few new releases. First is the Renault AGR Truck. This was a civilian and military truck with a designed payload of 3.5 tonnes produced from 1937 - 1941. It was extensively used by both the French army and German Wehrmacht, with some of the later models converted to use holzgas fuel to save on petrol.

Second is the is the Grosser Funk-und Beobachtungspanzer auf Lorraine-Schlepper(f). The Lorraine 37l was a French produced armoured supply and artillery tractor based intended as a replacement for the earlier Renault Chenillette UE. Following the fall of France many Lorraines were converted into self propelled gun variants by the Germans. To command and spot targets for these vehicles thirty more were converted into radio command posts by the Becker workshops to resupply the 21st Panzer Division in Normandy.

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