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More Sons of Yamato

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In something of a surprise (at least to me) Studio Historia has announced that they are planning to release their second Son of Yamato kickstarter this Friday, This kickstarter will focus on the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy). We will launch with the Rikusentai Yokosuka Paratrooper Brigades and branch out to the Landing Forces and a few other surprises including some big guns to unlock! We are focusing on the 1940-1942 period with the invasion of the Dutch East Indies as the particular focus, but these figures will be useful for the Invasion of the Philippines to the defense of Guadalcanal and Tulagi as well. The last Sons of Yamato KS was a huge success so don't miss out on this KS (which also pairs nicely with the current May40 KNIL kickstarter!)

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