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Need a tow?

The Belgium's don't get a lot of love in BA, but deweycat is giving this underappreciated force a new vehcile stl - the Vickers B utility tractor. The Belgians employed both an infantry model and the cavalry model – which is represented in this offering. The tractor was used to tow an artillery field piece or anti tank gun within mobile units. In Bolt Action this model is considered an armoured (7+) vehicle, with the ability to not only tow any artillery pieces except a heavy howitzer, but also as an armoured transport, able to carry up to 4 men. After the surrender of Belgium in may 1940, many of both the cavalry and infantry Vickers B models were employed by the Wehrmacht, and saw service well into the mid-war period. In German service, it was referred to as the Art Schl VA 601(b).

Deweycat's stl pack contains files for the Vickers B tractor for both resin and FDM printing. Pre-supported .stls for resin are included.

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