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Warlord has just released the latest FAQ & Errata for Bolt Action there are quite a few changes - but nothing to dramatic or game changing IMHO - mostly new units, plus some corrections and clarifications. Some highlights:

  • No changes to Tiger Fear!

  • Germans gain two AT portees (SDKFZ 10 and Protze) and the US get a quad 50 gun truck and flak gun. None of these are big surprises as models were on display at the recent open day. I think we will be seeing a lot of quad 50s!

  • Some Panzer IIIs get a historical correction to add a second coax MG for +5, making them look pretty sweet?

  • Minor axis powers get cavalry carbines finally.

  • Couple of new FAQs, but most seemed to be clarifications - nothing game changing I could see.

  • Romanian TACAM R2 got a points 'fix' dropping the cost - something I am very happy with as a Romanian player.

  • Clarified the the Japanese Spigot mortar can be taken in any generic platoon - but they don't seem to have been convinced that it is OP yet!

  • Interestingly the Combined Arms FAQ has been add to the BA FAQ?

You can find a copy of the new FAQ on my resources page and linked below.

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