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No dodging this one

Deweycats latest labor of love is the Dodge ¾ ton Weapons Carrier/M6 Motor gun carriage. While many are familiar with the ubiquitous ¼ ton jeep and the 2 ½ ton “Deuce and a half”the Dodge ¾ ton Weapons Carrier is often overlooked, which is odd as it served on all fronts as well as being supplied to the Red Army as part of lend lease.

In addition transport the Dodge ¾ ton Weapons Carrier was also used as the basis for the M6 Motor gun carriage, which was a wheeled tank destroyer consisting of the Dodge weapons Carrier with a 37mm anti tank gun mounted facing the rear. These were produced in the thousands and saw service in north Africa and the Pacific theatre.

This stl package form deweycat provides files for both FDM and resin printing of these two vehciles. Three weapon options for each are provided: a pintle mounted MMG, a pintle mounted HMG and the light ATG (M6 Tank Destroyer) mount. All are mounted on a small base allowing them to be easily place in and removed in the print

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