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No-Frills Armour

Deweycat's latest stl release is the Italian SPA-Viberti AS43. Post Italian capitulation in September 1943 the German set-up a Fascist rump state, the Repubblica Sociale Italiana, or R.S.I. in the northern half of the Italy under Mussolini. The Germans had stripped most of the heavy equipment from the Italians so the RSI started to building a simpler armoured car based on the TL 37 truck. More basic than the earlier AS40/41 series armoured cars, the SPA-Viberti AS43 were essentially an armored box placed onto the TL37 transport truck. The turret was taken from the L6 light tank and was armed with one turret-mounted light automatic cannon and a co-axial MMG. Hopefully we will see this model in the upcoming “Tough Gut” Italian Theatre book; but if not, its point cost (using the BA vehicle design guide) would be 95 points as regular (with 7+ armour, recce, light auto cannon, and coax mmg).

This model comes with stls for both FDM and resin printing. with the resin files including both the base .stls plus pre-supported .stls with the hull hollowed.

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