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Nose Dive

Back in 2016 the WWPD group released a Mission Pack of alternative BA scenarios (the 2020 version of which can be found on my resources page). Many of these have become favourites for tournament and casual players alike. One of the WWPD scenarios is “Kittyhawk Down” which involves the crash “landing” of an aeroplane objective at the start of Turn 4.

The scenario requires a five-inch round objective marker to represent the crashed aircraft that becomes the game’s objective. The scenario writers suggests using a standard CD / DVD disk to represent this objective. Some players dress up their game by using a 1/48 aircraft model, but these can be hard to fit on the 5” marker size. To address this problem, deweycat has designed a series of FDM printable objective markers for use in Kittyhawk down. These files include:

  1. A marker with a generic fighter bomber – which can represent an aircraft similar to an American F 4 Wildcat, P-40 or P-47, Soviet LaGG, Italian G.50, or any other nation’s aircraft. It has been kept deliberately generic to allow it to be used regardless of which armies are on the table.

  2. A marker with a generic liaison plane – think of a German Fieseler Storch or the American L-4 Grasshopper. Again, the plane was purposely designed to be generic.

  3. A plain five-inch crater

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