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Not Universal

Following a recent string of Italian releases Deweycat has returned to the UK with an stl for the Mark I light armoured scout carrier. The Mark I light armoured carrier “family”. were developments of the earlier Carden-Loyd series of vehicles which preceded the 'Universal' Carrier . The models of this series each had a specific purpose – “Medium Machine Gun Carrier”, “Bren Gun Carrier”, “Scout Carrier”, and “Cavalry Carrier”.

This .stl pack represents the Scout Carrier. which was armed with either a Bren gun or a Boys ATR in the front left position, next to the driver, and a second pintle mounted Bren behind the driver, where a radio was also located. Deployed to France with BEF, most were lost there, although some served in the Western Desert early in that theatre.

Those not lost in service were replaced with the later, “Universal” carrier, which filled all those and many other tasks, using the one model for the remainder of the war.

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