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Painting Allied Forces in Northwest Europe 1944-45

Pen & Sword Books has put up for preorder the Painting Wargaming Figures – Allied Forces in Northwest Europe, 1944-45. This book is part of a series aimed at assisting those new or unfamiliar with historical figure modelling and wargaming by providing them with a range of simple tips and techniques to assist them in putting together good looking collections using methods that won’t take an age.

The book includes guides for painting British, American and Canadian forces, along with notes on the uniforms of the Free forces from occupied nations. The guides cover all the common variations of uniform used during the period, including British and Canadian Battledress, Airborne forces uniforms, and the American M43 uniform, as well as when these uniforms were worn and introduced. Camouflage uniforms are also covered, and are broken down into how to apply the various patterns simply and with easy-to-repeat methods. Illustrated with hundreds of photos, each stage of the guides has a combination of text description, photograph and list of both paint and brush size used to make the steps as easy to follow as possible.

I have found this series very useful and highly recommend.

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