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Painting Panzers

Painting BA vehicles can be challenge, particularly for people not used to painting - so reference material can be a big help. Which is why a new Kickstarter for History of Camouflage Volume 1 looks very interesting. The book is focused on Panzer camouflage and will include several chapters describing an individual division, regiment, battalion or other unit:

1. A detailed description of the development of camouflage schemes and tactical insignia from the 1st to the 7th Panzer Divisions of the Wehrmacht.

2. Beutepanzer (German, lit. 'Captured Tank') KV-1 and KV-2 tanks in the Panzerwaffe.

3. Tactical insignia from 1939-1945.

4. 200 liters fuel barrels and their general appearance.

5. Examples of road signs used in different armies of that period of the war.

6. 202nd Battalion of antitank self-propelled guns (Sturmgeschütz).

7. 508th Heavy Tank Battalion (Pz.kpfw VI Tiger).

8. Alternate History. What if? The development of armored forces in Free Germany, exemplified by the successful outcome of the assassination attempt on Hitler, organized with the participation of Klaus von Stauffenberg. Camouflage schemes and tactical signs of the Free German Army.

The author has another three volumes planned so hopefully this will be successful!

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