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Panzer in the Night

Night Sky Miniatures has starter to release for sale the file from their recent Panzer IV Kickstarter. So far NSM has released the core files from the KS, plus the Jagdpanzer files from the stretch goals. The core set includes:

  • Panzer IV B

  • Panzer IV C

  • Panzer IV F1

  • Panzer IV F2

  • Panzer IV H

  • Panzer IV H with Zimmerit

  • Panzer IV J Early

  • Panzer IV J Early with Zimmerit

  • Stug IV Early

  • Jagdpanzer IV L48 Early Production

  • Nashorn

  • Sturmpanzer IV (Brummbar) Late

  • Wirbelwind

  • Dickermax

Plus several crew options:

  • 3 x Panzer commanders with 9 x different heads to choose from

  • Crew for Wirbelwind

  • Crew for Nashorn

The Jagdpanzer IV collection includes:

  • Jagdpanzer IV 7.5cm PaK L-48

  • Jagdpanzer IV 7.5cm PaK L-48 with Zimmerit

  • Jagdpanzer IV 7.5cm PaK L-48 Late Production

  • Jagdpanzer IV 7.5cm Pak L-70

  • Jagdpanzer IV 7.5cm PaK L-70 (A)

All the files are in 1/56 (28mm scale) and include

  • Pre-supported option

  • Holes for magnets in turrets

  • Pre-hollowed option

  • Option to print tracks separately or attached to hull

  • Option for commanders hatch to be printed in the open position

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