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Pentiful Panzer IIIs

Night Sky Minaitures has just released another batch of Panzer III files for their KS. These recent releases cover Panzer III F, M, N and L models. In BA terms the F,M and L models are all basic Panzer III models with a light or medium anti-tank guns. The N model was an infantry support model with a light howitzer. Of these NSM models the L model stands out as a DAK version, which includes options for additional jerry can stowage along with a turret missing the applique armour as many of the DAK Pz III’s did not have this fitted. As with other NSM models the files come with hollowed and pre-supprot options, open hatch options, an abiltiy to print tracks seperately, and magnet holes in turrets designed to fit with 1x5mm magnets.

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