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Plane Parking

Forward airfields were a critical in WW2, due to the relatively short range of attack aircraft and need for a fast response by close support aircraft. Deweycat has produced stls for such a Forward Airfield consisting of interlocking revetments, craters and two trailers. The interlocking revetments serve as the defensive earthworks, used to protect aircraft from strafing runs and shrapnel. The .stls represent corrugated tin sections, hastily set up with timers and backfilled. There are multiple versions of each section, with short, long, 90-degree corner pieces, and end pieces. This allows you to adjust for the size of the revetments to accommodate aircraft models of various sizes and scales. The parts all interlock.

Forward airfields were often set up a short distance behind the front lines and, as such, did not have traditional control towers. These airfield used mobile air control trailers. Deweycat has include stls for two of these, one with an observation bubble and a second without. The trailers have versions for either resin or FDM printing. Finally, Deweycat has also included single, double, and triple craters. to offer some cover for small units on the tarmac.

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