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Plentiful Panzers

Night Sky Miniatures has started to release for sale files from their latest Panzer III kickstarter. If you missed the KS you might want to check these out. The released files include:

  • Ostwind Flakpanzer

  • Bergepanzer III armoured recovery vehicle

  • Tiger I add on pack with:

    • Tiger 1 Early Production

    • Tiger 1 Mid Production

    • Tiger 1 Late Production

    • Tiger 1 with Zimmerit

    • Tiger 1 with transport tracks

    • SturmTiger

  • STUG collection with:

    • Stug 33B

    • Stug III A

    • Stug III B

    • Stug III C/D

    • Stug III E

    • Stug III F

    • Stug III F/8

    • Stug III Flammpanzer

    • Stug III G Early

    • Stug III G Late

    • Stug III G Zimmerit

    • Stug III G Zimmerit (Waffle Pattern)

    • Stuh 42

    • Destroyed Stug III Ausf B

    • Ersatz M7

    • Stowage Set for Stug III

    • Winterketten

    • Ostketten

All NSM files come with:

  • Pre-supported option

  • Pre-hollowed option

  • Option to print tracks separately or attached to hull

  • Option for commanders hatch to be printed in the open position

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