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Remodelled Monster

Wargame3D has produced a model of the obscure Char 2C bis 'Champagne' heavy tank. This was a remodelled version of the Char 2C produced in 1923 in which removed the three-ball mounted machine gun positions and the main turret, replacing them with a cast unit, containing a new 155 mm short-barreled howitzer. This new howitzer certainly was designed to shoot high explosive shells weighing 43.61 kg or 100 lbs. Two Sautter-Harlé engines replaced the old units producing 250 horsepower each. The commander was also given his own enclosed position behind the turret complete with its own stroboscopic cupola. This variant would be returned to its original state in 1939, and its turret was sent to the Bir Soltane area of southern Tunisia. Unfortunately this tank does not have stats for BA, but you can use the BA vehicle design system available on our resources page to come up with stats for this monster.

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