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Return to Italy

The next Bolt Action book, Italy: Tough Gut, is now available for preorder. This book is the second Italy Campaign and covers the Allies push north up the Italian Peninsula, where they encounter heavy resistance from the Axis and their multitude of fortified and defensive lines. This supplement is a counterpart to Soft Underbelly, and focuses on the battles ranging from the Gustav Line in 1944 all the way to those of the Gothic Line in 1945, with the breakouts at Anzio and Monte Cassino of particular focus. The book contains a host of scenarios to refight these famous battles, along with new units, special rules, and Theatre Selectors.

When ordering from the Warlord webstore you will also get the exclusive Book Miniature: of Wojtek the Bear – a Brown Bear cub adopted by Polish soldiers in Persia. Fed cigarettes and beer, Wojtek would march like a soldier and wrestle with his human friends. Legend has it that Wojtek carried crates of ammunition to his comrades during the battle at Cassino and for this effort he was promoted to the rank of Corporal.

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