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Scary Italian Armour

If you want up-gun your Italians, Deweycat is here to help with an stl for the Semovente 90/53. The Semovente 90/53 had a 90mm 'Super Heavy' AT gun mounted on the modified chassis of an M14/41 tank. The Semovente 90/53 was produced in 1942 to address the inadequacies of Italian mobile AT weaponry against allied armour. It was used by both the Italians, resisting the Allies in Sicily in July 1943, and later, post Italian capitulation, with the German army. In Bolt Action, the Semovente 90/53 can reach out across the table and hurt anything that comes into its LOS.

This stl pack from Deweycat includes files specifically for resin and FDM printing. The resin files include the basic file plus pre-supported and a hollowed hull .stls. The resin files also have two gunner figures that are seated on either wise of the gun. The FDM files have a thicker gun barrel, and reduced detail on the gun mount, to facilitate successful FDM printing.

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