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Second Hand Guns

At the outbreak of the Second World War Czechoslovakia has a formidable arms industry, unfortunately most of their weapons and vehicles never saw service with their original owners. With the fall of Czechoslovakia many of these weapons were taken by the Germans, but some went to the new Solvak armed forces and saw service with the new Slovak Mobile Divisions that have been recently added to BA in the Case Blue Campaign book. One of these weapons is the KPUV vz. 37 antitank gun.

About 158 of the Czech army’s stock of this thirty-seven millimeter anti-tank gun were transferred to newly-independent Slovakia with the remaining 800-odd remaining guns were seized by the Wehrmacht and entered service under the nomenclature 3.7cm Pak 37(t). About 100 guns had also been sold to Yugoslavia prior to the annexation, some of these ending up in German and others seeing use with the Partizans.

This file from Panzer of the Lake Miniatures is intended mainly for resin printing.

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