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Shields Up!

One of the interesting oddities of the US Army book Errata is it adds the option of a gun shield for the US light howitzer for +5pts. The challenge has been finding a US light howitzer model with a gun shield. The most commonly available US light howitzer is the 75mm Pack howitzer, which was a designed with weight reduction in mind - so was normally not fitted with a shield. But the US did make a version of this gun mounted to the M3A3 carriage with gun shield.

For those who want to run a gun shield model, deweycat productions has released an stl for this combo. This .stl represents gun; with the wheels elevated and the gun resting on the drop-down central pedestal. The .stl pack also includes an optional base platform with three 27mm wide figure bases, to allow placing three 25mm based figures on the base.

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