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Something New Under the Sun

It is not often I am surprised by the appearance of a new BA/WW2 wargaming company, but Overlord Miniatures has suddenly appeared on my radar from nowhere. These guys appear to be filling some unique niches in minis including the Skoda PA-II 'turtle' armoured car, Kätzchen 38(t) APC, and the Leichter Waffenträger auf Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) SPG. They have also been showing off plans for an Armoured Krupp Protze and the Type 95 Ha-Go tank. Perhaps one of the reasons they have gone under the radar is that their models are in 1/48 scale. As BA is nominally 1/56 scale, this scale difference can be a problem for miniatures, but given that most miniatures are well over 1/56 many are happy to use larger 1/48 scale vehicles.

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