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Strange Buzzing Sound

The first V-1s were launched against London in June 13, 1944, a week after the Normandy landings, As the volume of launches increased, the Allies were forced to race up the coast of France and the Low Countries to overrun the V-1 launch sites. This of course makes for a great scenario objective, so it is very helpful they deweycat has just released an .stl pack for a V-1 launch site.


The .stl pack consists of ten to fourteen parts (depending on whether you print he rocket as one-piece print or four-piece FDM part). The assembled model measures 14” x 9 “ on the table. The V-1 rocket rests on the launch rail with a “nub” that locks it in for the game, but it can easily be removed and replaced as needed. The rail itself rests onto four “nubs” on the two-piece platform. The finished model is easy to store as it breaks down easily into four parts for storage and transport.

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