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Support Needed for Colonial Italians

Eureka Miniatures has launched a 100 Club project for 28mm Italian Colonial Forces East Africa 1941. 100 Club projects are similar to a Kickstarter, but without the middle man. Eureka is seeking to produce:

100WWT300 ... Dubat rifleman (10) AUD$3.40 100WWT301 ... Dubat LMG and no 2 (1) AUD$7.00 100WWT302 ... NCO (1) AUD$3.40 100WWT303 ... MMG and two crew (1) AUD$12.50 100WWT304 ... Bandhe Amhara Cavalry (5) AUD$7.00 100WWT305 ... Bande NCO mounted (1) AUD$7.00 100WWT306 ... Italian colonial cavalry Officer (1) AUD$7.00 100WWT307 ... Dismounted skirmishing Bande (5) AUD$3.40

Note: The figure in parenthesis () indicates the number of variants to be made.

If you would like to join this project, email Eureka with the number of figures you would like from the list above. If the project raises AUD$4000.00 in pre-orders by 1st November, Eureka will produce the figures. Anticipated delivery will be March/April 2024. The figures will be sculpted by Kosta Heristanidis. A 10% GST will be added to Australian customers to the above prices.

A full description for this proposal can be found here.

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