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The wide range of terrain over the vast territory that composed the USSR posed many challenges. In response the Soviets developed a wide variety of tanks including amphibious tanks. Vickers in the UK had toyed with the amphibious tank concept in the inter-war year, producing some tanks in small numbers. The Soviets, having investigated the Vickers-Lloyds models, designed and produced thousands of their own light amphibious tankettes – the T-37A and T-38.

The Soviets sought to improve on the Vickers models with a larger, better armed models. The T-40 was a two-man tank, armed with a DShK HMG and a coaxial MMG. Production started in 1940 and the T-40 tank entered service in time for the campaign in Finland. The urgency created by the German invasion led to a simplification of the design, and the amphibious features were removed.

The T-40 is aavailable in both the Soviet and Finnish Army lists, as captured models were employed by Finland. This .stl pack from deweycat and includes files specifically for resin and FDM printing. There are two hull .stls supplied – the more complex hull with the amphibious drive – a prop and twin rudders – for resin printing; and the later, simplified model with those parts removed and plugged for FDM.

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