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The Dutch Never Stops

Just when you thought that there couldn't be anymore weird and wonderful vehicles and weapons to add to your Dutch force, Allen's Corner drops stls for 2 more: the Ehrhardt Potkachel Armored Car and the 8cm staal cannon.

Ehrhardt Potkachel Armoured Car was acquired during the interwar period. It had 4 Crew (driver, commander, 2 gunners) and was armed with a 37 mm gun and 1~2 Lewis machine guns. Although the car did not see any action during the invasion (and was found by the Germans in a storage Depot in Arnhem in May 1940) we do have photographic evidence that it was still in use and mobilised as part of the force in 1940. .

The 8,4 cm staal artillery was another Krupp made gun used by the Dutch during the German invasion. The army had about 100 guns available in 1940, and although it was obsolete and had a low rate of fire, it was used successfully in stopping a German on Dutch lines near the village of Zeeland.

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