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The hills are alive with the sounds of howitzers

While many Italian Units entered WW2 with inferior equipment, one area that the Royal Italian Army was well equipped was its mountain (Alpini) units. These units were equipped with the excellent Skoda 100mm Mountain howitzer acquired as reparations, post WWI. These guns broke down into pack loads and could be transported in carts pulled by horses of mules over terrain that would otherwise be impassable. This gun was also used by the Germans, both from ones acquired form the Czechs, post Munich, and the Italians, post-Italian capitulation. In German service it was known as the 10 cm GebH 316(i).

Deweycat Productions has released an stl for this gun which includes options for spoked wheels or pneumatic tired wheels, plus two optional bases. A great medium howitzer option for Bolt Action.

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