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The Second Coming 2023

Studio Historia has recently been showing off numerous minis from their forthcoming 2023 Dragon Roars War in China range, but now comes news that they will be releasing a second Asia Pacific range in 2023 covering the Philippines Campaign starting with 1941-42 and then go into the guerrilla operations from 42-45. The first test figure for the range is a member of the 26th Cavalry regiment (Philippine Scouts) US Army.

The unit under Lieutenant Edwin Ramsay, conducted the last horse cavalry charge of the US army at Morong on 16 January 1942. The charge was successful and allowed the cavalry unit to hold the key village and repulse the larger Japanese force. Many of the 26th would refuse to surrender and would escape into Luzon where they would fight on as guerrilla fighters. Lt. Ramsay would go on to command 40,000 Filipino guerrilla fighters and survive the war.

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