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Tiger Goes Wild

The inestimable Tiger Ace has dropped a slightly late - but amazing Christmas present for all WW2 3D printers with the release of his Japanese Artillery Pack on Thingiverse. The pack contains 1:100 treasure trove of scale models of:

Type 1 47mm AT Gun Type 1 37mm AT Gun Type 89 15cm cannon (Early and Late) Type 90 75mm Field Gun (Horse Drawn and Motorized) Type 92 70mm Pack Howitzer Type 94 75mm Pack Howitzer Type 96 15cm cannon Type 98 20mm AA Type 96 25mm AA (One, Two, and Three Gun Mounts) Type 88 75mm AA Type 4 12cm AA Type 91 10cm Howitzer (Horse Drawn and Motorized) Type 92 10cm cannon Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun Type 38 15cm Howitzer Type 38 75mm Field Gun Type 38 75mm Field Gun Improved Type 45 24cm Howitzer Type 4 15cm Howitzer

While he is giving away these files for free, if you want to support his continued work consider becoming a Patron at .

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