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Tractor Tow

After the recent FAQs that relieved players of the requirement to purchase of a tow by allowing all guns, regardless of their size, to be “run” onto the table 6” without a tow, tow have not been getting much love. But purchasing a tow vehicle, can still be a good way to get an extra cheap dice while allowing you can also move the gun farther onto the board. Plus for those playing Tank War games tows remain critical.

So, for all these reasons, it is great to see an new tow model from Deweycat- the Praga T-6. The Praga T-6 was a pre-war fully tracked vehicle manufactured by the Czech Praga automotive firm. The T-6 and the larger T-9 tractors had commercial success prior to the German occupation of Czechoslovakia. The T-6 tractor was supplied in large numbers to Romania and was used extensively by the Wehrmacht, as well as the Slovak army. It was also sold aboard, seeing service with Peru in their 1941 war with Ecuador, and with the Turkish and Portuguese armies.

The mode from deweycat provides files for both resin and FDM printing. The resin .stls include the basic .stls and pre-supported .stls.

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