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USed Tank and Flaming Mine

WindhamGraves latest releases are files for the Covenanter A13 tank and the Abwehrflammenwerfer 42, Flamethrower mine. The A13 Covenanter was intended to replace the earlier A13 Cruiser tanks, but the first units didn't arrive until after the fall of France and were retained in the UK for Home Defence, where they quickly were superseded by other designs and lend-lease tanks. While this tank never fought, It did do a lot of parading around Britain to increase morale, and was used as a training tank.

The Abwehrflammenwerfer42 was a German static defensive flamethrower, The design was copied from Russian FOG-1 mines that were encountered in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa. These were usually buried at intervals of 11 to 27 metres (12 to 30 yd) covering road blocks, landing beaches, harbour walls and other obstacles. They were normally mixed in with other mines or emplaced behind barbed wire and could be command detonated or triggered by tripwires or other devices.

The A13 files can be printed with filament, no additional supports required. THe A13 also comes with resin files and the Abwehrflammenwerfer42 is designed for resin printing.

In addition to the new files, WindhamGraves has release previously published files for the Fordson 7V, X7 Rotkappchen, Smith Gun and Belgian T15 tank on thingiverse.

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