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Waco Wooden Wings

The German’s stunned the world with their use of gliders in May 1940 to seize the Belgian fort at Eben-Emael, and less successfully, The Western Allies took note and both Great Britain and America launched programs to build gliders to deliver troops and weaponry directly into the battlefield. The most prolific of these was the CG-4, known as the Waco in American service and as the Hadrian in Commonwealth service. Almost 14,000 of these wood and fabric gliders were manufactured during the war.

The Waco could carry 13 troops, or alternately a jeep, a 75mm pack howitzer, and up to two tons of cargo could be carried. The CG-4 glider had a upward tipping nose section, which allowed an expedited method to unload vehicles or cargo. The Waco was employed in all major air landings in Europe.

For those who need a Waco for their gaming table Deweycat has produced an stl designed for FDM printing. As this will be a sizable model, deweycat offers two full sets of .stls, at 1/64th and 1/56th model (the 1/64th models are the ones featured in the photos below). The .stl pack has the option for a model with the open nose (titled up), and one with the nose in the airworthy position. These will make great terrain for any airborne scenario or airborne player.

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