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Who Let the Dogs Out?

One of the things that sets deweycat apart as a 3D model maker is the way he focuses on models linked to BA gameplay. The September Errata/FAQ effectively nerfed the shirker rule by making double pins apply to all shirker unit tests. This has caused many players to remove shirkers from lists. But German players have the option of using a Feldgendarmerie Squad within 6” of a Shirker squad to counter the Shirker rule (see Road to Berlin Theatre book). This can be potentially significant, as a five-man 50 point Feldgendarmerie squad can essentially upgrade two or even three Shirker squads depending on how you place them.

The Feldgendarmerie, or the Field Police. were known among as Kettenhunde (“chained dogs”) due to the large gorget they wore around their neck as an identifier. The Feldgendarmerie gorget was a silver-coloured plate with the German eagle and scroll beneath it. Deweycat has produced an stl of the gorget which can be added to any German figure to create a Feldgendarmerie figure. Given it size this stl is only suitable for resin printing. The files has separate stls, a thicker one to allow merging with the surface of a figure in CAD, and one with a concave back to allow it to be secure to an existing physical model.

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