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All in on the Cromwell

Richard Humble has dropped a series of stl files covering all things Cromwell. Not surprisingly the starting point is an stl for the A27 Cromwell British Cruiser Tank. This stl pack includes the Cromwell C and D Type hulls with early (bustle), and mid turrets F type hull with Late Turret (Side stowage Bins) 6 pounder, 75mm and 95mm guns.

After the Cromwell comes the A24 Centaur - which was intially knows as the A27L Cromwell II. The stl pack include the Centaur as landed in Normandy, plus multiple options:

  • Centaur with Royal Marine Armoured Support Group turret markings or Standard plain turret

  • 6 pounder and 95mm guns

  • Centaur Dozer

  • Centaur AA (Twin 20mm polsten autocannons)

Finally there is an stl for the A30 Challenger - which was a 17 pounder on a stretched Cromwell hull – what’s not to like? Options for the stl include open/closed driver vision port, loader hatch and commander hatch.

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