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With the outbreak of the then European focused WW2 in 1939 American quickly realized that it was essential to have air defence systems that were able to keep up with mechanized forces. Designs quickly focused on the M2 / M3 half track series, and two half track Anti-aircraft weapon system entered mass production: the M 16 “Meat Chopper” armed with quad . 50 HMGs, and the M 15, which went with the 37mm automatic cannon, coupled with two M2 .50 HMGS in a rotating open turret.

Over 2000 M 15s were produced and they served in both the European and Pacific theatre and saw service in the later Korean conflict. Some M 15s were supplied to post-war allies as well. As the Allies had total air superiority for most of the late war period these vehicles were mainly used in the direct fire infantry support role, to great effect.

In Bolt Action, the M 15 provides the potent firepower of a heavy autocannon twinned with two HMGs. The 72” range of the autocannon will provide AA cover across the entire board, while being able to pose a credible threat to infantry as well as to AFVs up to 9+ armour.

This M15 model from Deweycat productions comes in two versions, one for resin printing and one for FDM. The resin .stls include a pre-supported files and a hollowed hull .stl.

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