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Bunkering Down

Panzer of the Lake Miniatures drop two stl for bunkers. The first model is of the German pillbox outside of Warsaw University’s gates during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 (it also appears in an Osprey illustration in the Warlord campaign book Road to Berlin). The secod mode is of the the Pickett-Hamilton Fort. The Pickett-Hamilton Fort was a small pillbox, sized to fit a Bren team,T he concrete pillbox was on a set of pistons in a cylindrical hole in the ground, allowing the pillbox to be lowered flush with the ground or street. These small bunkers were placed on strategic roads, beachheads, and in the countryside, though their most prominent use was at airfields. A primary role for these forts was to fight Fallschirmjagers, springing up as gliders landed or attacking paratroopers who had not yet found their weapons. An extended pillbox could also serve as an obstacle for a landing glider.

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