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Going Stag

The British have access to a great range of armoured cars in BA. On particulalry nice option is the Staghound Mk1 with 37mm AT gun, CoAx MMG and Hull. This package delivers a nice anti-tank threat with the combination of a light AT gun and recee, particulalry given the added protection of 8+ armour. If you want to field one of these, Richard Humble as released an stl for not only the MK1, but included with the stl options for the Mk2 CS with 3″ howitzer and coax MMG, and Mk3 with 6 pdr or 75mm and Coax MMG. Unfortunately the MK2 and 3 don't currently have unit entries, but there are plenty of proxy options, or you can use the BA vehcile design rules one the resources page to create a profile.

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