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Marmon Herrington CTLS Light Tank (again)

Another stl from Deweycat - the man must not sleep (although I am not complaining). This time he has produced a model for the Marmon Herrington CTLS Light Tank. In the inter-war period the Marmon Herrington company dabbled in amphibious tanks for the USMC, as well as a line of machine gun carriers and light tanks. These cumulated in the CTLS series of light tanks. which entered production in 1940 and some 875 models produced. It saw service with American, Dutch and Australian forces. The USMC employed them in the 1942 Aleutian Island campaign. The Dutch KNIL made a large order but only a limited number were received prior to the Japanese invasion. They fought with the KNIL, and after the Japanese conquest, the Japanese used captured models. CTLS tanks, purchased by the Dutch but undelivered, were diverted to Australian where they were used in training (and maybe would have seen action in an invasion of Australia?). As with all of deweycats work, these models look great and are available from wargaming3d.

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