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Deweycat's latest stl is the Bofors 80mm Model 29/38M AA gun. This was an interwar AA gun, which was produced as both a 75mm and 80mm model. It featured a crucifix platform and was a dual-purpose gun. It was purchased by Argentina, China, the Dutch East Indies. Finland, Greece, Hungary, Persia, and Thailand. This design was further developed and produced in the thousands as the ubiquitous Flak 18/36 88 mm gun.

In Bolt Action it is included in the Hungarian Army list, but should also be included in the Dutch KNIL listing, as there is ample photographic evidence of it being in use in the Dutch East Indies in 1941.

The .stl pack is intended for resin printing. Also, there is an optional 130mm round base with recesses for four 25mm based crew figures. This piece can be printed in FDM.

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