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Rule of Italian Cool

WindhamGraves continues his work on Italian stls with the release of two new vehicles. The first release is the M15/42 tank. This is a great tank in BA thanks to the Italian's habit of adding excess MGs to their tanks. While the M15/42 is a lovely model the real star is the Alpha Torpeda Coloniale. The 6C 2500 Coloniale is a staff car version of the 1930s Alpha Romeo 6C 2500 sports car. It was commissioned in 1938 by the Italian Ministry of Defence, for military use in Italian colonies. Two prototypes of the Coloniale were manufactured in 1939, with one was shipped to Italian East Africa for testing. Regular production began in 1941 and the first batch of 150 vehicles was delivered between 1941 and 1942; production was then halted due to other war demands. I can't think of anything cooler than have one of these race on the board to drop off a squad or flamethrower! Best of all - as with all of WindhamGraves stls, these files are available for free.

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