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Volksgrenadier Preorders

Emperor Toad Emporium has been developing a LW winter Volksgrenadier range. To get production moulds cut for new command and support models they are running a pre-order. This pre-order is not on the website, but details for pre-order (and pics) can be found on their Facebook page linked below, by PMing Emperor Toad, or by emailing I previously ordered some of the early assault rifle minis and they were lovely sculpts. Available minis are

  • VG1 MMG TEAM £8

  • VG2 Mortar Team £8

  • VG3 panzerschreck teams £8

  • VG4 HQ £6

  • VG5 Radio Team £6

  • VG6 Flame Throwers £4

Postage will be charged differently than normal just for these models, If you want one or one each of the models postage will be.

  • UK £1.

  • EU £5

  • US £6

  • AUS £6

Emperor Toad is looking at shipping these minis at the end of November.

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